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Welcome to our Tribe!

Women who JEDI (Just Effing Do It) is, perhaps, a celebration of most women.

Women, throughout the ages, are well known to be the world’s best multi-taskers. ¬†Keeping hearth and home together, raising children, keeping a job, running their own enterprise (or perhaps both until said enterprise is of sufficient means to enable a quitting of the ‘day job’) and maintaining their own sanity.

Our forum is for women to come together, network and celebrate just getting on and doing it – whether that be a personal win or a business achievement no matter how small.

We hope that you will share your triumphs and we will do our best to support you through the tears – because let’s face it we all have days when we just want to bury our heads under the duvet with the gin bottle and a monster bar of chocolate and light-sabre anyone who tries to take them away!